WAITLIST: 6-Hour In-Person Vision Board Workshop

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will connect you with your deepest values and ignite your dreams for a more fulfilling life? Participate in an exclusive, in-person experience that promises to be the catalyst for positive change in your life!

What Awaits You

  • Guided Meditation: Begin your day with a soothing meditation session that will help you center yourself and connect with your inner self on a profound level.
  • Power of Thoughts and Words: Discover the incredible influence your thoughts and words have on shaping your reality. Learn how to harness this power to manifest your dreams.
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Say goodbye to those self-imposed limitations that have held you back for too long. Through transformative exercises, you'll break free from common barriers and step into your true potential.
  • Rediscover Your Desires: Take a journey of self-discovery to reignite your passions and desires, helping you align with what truly matters to you.
  • Declare Your Dreams: Transform your aspirations into a concrete vision for your life. Declare your dreams with confidence and set yourself on a path towards achieving them.

Why Attend? 

  • Empowerment: Gain the tools and knowledge to take control of your life and create the future you desire.
  • Clarity: Rediscover your purpose and values, providing you with a clear roadmap for your life's journey.
  • Transformation: Break free from limitations and unleash your full potential.
  • Joyful Living: Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with aligning your life with your deepest dreams and values.

Get notified about the next full day event! $250 CAD Investment at time of booking.

Spaces are limited so act now to secure a spot in an upcoming event! Don't miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and embark on a transformative journey toward a brighter future.

About Dr. Daina Debly

Dr. Daina Debly is a licensed psychiatrist and Dare to Declare™ Certified Vision Board Facilitator in Ontario. She finds joy in empowering women through mindfulness and vision board creation to facilitate reclaiming their sense of personal power, rediscovering dreams, and manifesting their true paths. Combining science, subtle energy work, and creativity, she guides women on transformative journeys of self-discovery. Passionate about the power of the mind, Dr. Debly cultivates mindfulness, empowers positive mindset shifts, and supports women in creating lives they love. A compassionate catalyst for growth and joy, she helps clients break free from societal expectations and embrace their authentic selves.

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